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Since December of 2000, we have focused on providing top tier customer service while supporting the technology of Charleston's premier small and medium size businesses.

e Systems Solutions was founded on the premise that technology support should be provided by technology experts and managed by customer service experts.  

At e Systems Solutions, we specialize in providing technology support from a customer service perspective.  We hire the best technicians with years of experience and degrees from Syracuse University and Penn State.  I then personally oversee our daily operations.  I work hand in hand with our technicians to ensure that our clients are getting the best customer service – not just the best technology support.

Most technology support companies are owned, operated and managed by technology professionals.   Technology professionals are great at solving technology problems.  They are not great at managing customer service.  

​Prior to starting e Systems Solutions, I spent fifteen years in customer service.  During that time, I started several small businesses.  By early 2000, I owned two restaurants and was dabbling with a few other businesses.  Technology was just starting to really change the business scene.  As we implemented new technology, my businesses needed more technology support.  

I spent several years looking for a technology support company that could support my business while providing an acceptable level of customer service. I never found one that could meet all my needs.

What I did find was that technology support companies fell into two categories – big and small.  The big firms had great technicians.  They could fix things fast but the cost was high.  Since I was a smaller account, I was always struggling to get on the schedule.  The small firms had a few employees but no real structure.  The costs were better but they were not dependable and resolutions were slow.  I started e Systems Solutions as a solution to this problem. 

We have had many of our clients for more than 10 years.  We can provide a list of recommendations and referrals.  I hope that you will allow us to provide your technology support.

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